Learning to code? Let's get you a job.

Hi, I’m Sam. Welcome to GetAJobInTech. This will be a digital garden for me to post articles and send helpful emails to people learning to code and looking for their first job.

In 2013, I was having a really rough go. Nothing in my life was going right. I was in the middle of a painful divorce, I was struggling financially, and I was unhappy with the way my career was going. Learning to code and getting my first job as a developer provided me a way out. In 2014, I moved across the country to the Pacific Northwest and started my life over.

That’s a nice story, but the truth is that I didn’t do it alone. Many people helped me along the way in many different ways. Some people helped me with code, some made introductions, and some took a chance on me to give me my first job.

I’m really lucky to have met those people, but not everyone has that. I want to be that for you, or at least some small slice of that. I want to tell you the stuff no one tells you. I want to demystify the game of getting your first job in tech. There are tons of resources to teach how to code, but few that teach you how to get a job. That’s what this site is about. I may not have a magic wand to get you a job, but I can at least teach you what I know.

The amazing thing about learning to program is that code doesn't care who you are, what you look like, or what your background is. Maybe you're a stay-at-home parent, maybe you're a veteran, maybe you're a bartender. Maybe you're in finance like I was. It doesn't matter.

So, let's do this. Sign up for the email list below to get a few goodies and to get notified when I post something new. And definitely write in to let me know how you’re doing on your coding journey. I want to send you stuff that actually works, so send me your feedback.


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